January 25, 2012


As I have been trying all the latest drink craze here in Manila, I finally tried HAPPY LEMON.
The first time I saw Happy Lemon was when I watched a movie in Greenhills Promenade. That time I was really curious because the store is located beside Starbucks and I was wondering why there were a lot of people inside Happy Lemon compared to Starbucks. That was July of 2011, and after that long curiosity I was finally able to taste one of their recommended flavors last January 22, 2012. Yes I know I'm such a loser :P

Anyway, so I tried the weirdest sounding drink that I have heard as of yet, COCA with ROCK SALT AND CHEESE. When I first knew about it I was like, WHAT?? But then if you're into Gastronomic indulgence, I'm sure you have heard and tried a lot of weird sounding beverages/food, and I assure you the drink was not bad at all. Well honestly at first it was just like an ordinary chilled chocolate drink but after one zip you'll taste the salt and the cheese and that's the twist. But I was really expecting something more, like a creamier chocolate drink with more cheese and a bit of salt. So I'm going to rate the drink 7 out of 10. Although, up to this moment seems like the salty taste of that drink is still in my tongue and I'm craving for more! Well I will try their other flavors ASAP and I'll make sure to post them in here.

My friend tried another Happy Lemon Rock salt and cheese drink. Green tea with rock salt and cheese. I'll try that one too... soon. :D



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