June 23, 2011

Tuna Afritada!

I made my own Tuna Afritada! Need to have a balanced diet so I decided to try experimenting.
At first I already thought of having Tuna with tomatoes but I wanted more veggies and I found mixed veggies in the Fridge. At first I didn't know what to call it but as I was cooking and have put in all the ingredients it looked like an afritada and it seemed like the ones that you buy in the supermarket (Flavored canned tuna).

1/2 canned tuna (I used Century tuna chunks in vegetable oil)
2 tomatoes (diced)
1/2 onion (minced)
1/2 pack mixed veggies
1 1/2 tbsp canola oil

Heat the canola oil in the pan
Saute onion and then put in tomatoes, juice them a bit by pressing on them
add the tuna and saute for 5mins
add mixed veggies and just keep mixing them until veggies are cooked

(Sorry for the terms, but I don't know how to make cooking instructions lol)

June 22, 2011

FISH18 clothing store

I was window shopping earlier at SM North Edsa's The Block and I discovered this store. It seems to me it is a Japanese clothing store, I don't really know but it's really cool. You will see some simple shirts with cool prints and there are some clothes with odd designs but really cool and fashionable and wearable for everyday use. Aside from that, clothes in Fish18 are also affordable ranging from 599Php to 2000Php.

I'm glad I found this store because lately I've been having a hard time looking for a store where I can buy clothes that aren't common but affordable and comfortable to wear.

I checked their website, seems thay have started couple of years back but honestly it's the 1st time I saw this store. Probably they just recently opened a store here in the capital region.

Anyway you can visit them at level 3 SM North Edsa The Block.
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Toycon 2011 (June 18, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong, Philippines)

It was a very exciting and fun day! I never thought that I would be enjoying this kind of event. Before, when I was seeing people do cosplay I find them weird and I really hated it (cosplay) but I just realized it's really fun to cosplay and I even want to do it on the next cosplay event here in Manila.

My sister and cousin played as members of the delta team from USS (Umbrella Security Service). If you're playing Resident Evil then you should know them. And on the next cosplay event I want to play HUNK, he's also part of th RE USS but I want to play the mercenaries 3d version of him.

There were a lot of cosplayers that day and it got to a point that i felt dizzy already because there was no enough space to move in to and everyone was already bumping into each other.

But overall I really had fun and I really want to cosplay soon because when you are doing it, it's like you're a celebrity, a lot of people will ask to take a picture of you or to take picture with you (I'm a bit of a frustrated celebrity lol).

So see you on the next cosplay event!

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