May 18, 2010


Thanks to NID'S BALOT SA DAHON the best Binalot resto! The first time I went there, I ate Beef Kaldereta with salted egg and tomato. It was the first time I tried salted egg and I loved it. 

Since I was delighted with the itlog na maalat (Salted egg) with kamatis (Tomato), I tried doing it at home, I mashed itlog na maalat and I chopped a tomato but I didn't like the way it turned out, the taste is different. So I decided to go back to NID's and this time I tried Chicken Adobo and of course with the salted egg and tomato.

I don't know but there's really something with their itlog na maalat, it's different as well as their kamatis, it's sweet. So then I realized If I will be eating itlog na maalat, I should just go to NID's lol.

By the way the Nid's balot sa dahon I used to visit is at the Broadway Centrum in Quezon City, but I believe they have other branches in the metro. I recommend this resto if you're into Filipino food, they serve really good food plus very nice and friendly staff.

May 13, 2010

Boracay, I will always love

When you say Boracay here in Manila most people will just say; "Boracay? It's dirty already", "Palawan is better", "Boracay is crowded." I just recently visited Boracay, last May 3 to 6, 2010 and I should say I still can't get over the place, even my friends who joined me are still having their hang-over of it. Pure white sand, affordable hotels and restaurants, exciting water activities, a lot of way to enjoy under the sun. 1st day was excruciating, 2 to 3 hrs of travel from Manila to Kalibo Airport to Caticlan port to Boracay, and when we arrived at the hotel we just ate for a short while and lay down and watched tv (lol) and in the evening we went to "Chillout" to have some beer before we called it a day. 2nd day was the swimming day! After having brekfast in our hotel (We checked in at Island Nook, hotel is nice and comfy and they serve very good persian food ) we went to the beach and soaked ourselves into the water and ordered some fruitshakes at La reserve, We should have tried Jonah's, they said their fruitshakes are great. We went to I love BBQ for lunch and I swear they have the best chicken bbq! And in the evening, dinner and PARTY TIME at club paraw, and they have the best pastas. You cannot and/or should not miss the everyday party at club paraw or anywhere in Boracay or you just wasted your time going there if you will not have a night out! 3rd day, technically our last day so we went island hopping and snorkeling! YEY It was my first time to do snorkeling but I'm glad I was able to learn fast! lol We then stopped over at Shangri-la Boracay area and we soaked in again. The area where Shangri-la is at is very nice and serene and we stayed there for a while. Unofrtunately due to snorkeling we got so tired and we slept early and woke up late the next day! DAMN. 4th day, departure day! Since we arrived in Boracay I kept on telling my friends that I need to try Chocolate Sin at ZUZUNI and I did! 1 hour before being picked up by the transfer services men, we rushed to Zuzuni and I bought the famous chocolate sin! To my surprise, it's just a small cupcake-like bread with chocolate filling and an Ice cream on top and it's good! Then headed back to Island nook, ate their chicken kebab, my favorite and then by 9am we bid our goodbyes to Boracay. I know I will keep on going back to Boracay, I'm in love.

Food, Places, and More

To start with, I'm just new in the blogging world. I've been thinking of creating a blog for the past few months to feature all the things I do especially my food trips and cravings, and the places I've been and I will be going to. Let's enjoy life by eating a lot (I hope you have a fast metabolism like me. lol) and realize how blessed we are because God gave us Mother Earth.


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