June 21, 2010

Lemon Tree Inn

I was searching for a cheap hotel in Quezon City over the internet and I found Lemon Tree Inn.
Lemon Tree Inn is located in Sct. Magbanua street along Quezon Ave. in front of Capitol Medical Center.

They have their ongoing promo rates where you can avail of the Deluxe room for only Php 2000.00 with breakfast for 2 persons. Normal price of Deluxe room is Php 3499.00.

All of their rooms have lcd tv, personal refrigerator, vault, and microwave.

Their room is great and for the price of 2000 pesos it's really worth it.
Plus, their breakfast is courtesy of Figaro.

They also have wifi access and they are selling the password for Php100 with 24 hrs access.
But you can also use the computer they have in the lobby to surf the internet for free.

I talked to their receptionist and I told them that the only thing that's missing is a pool and she said that most of their guests suggest that they should have one.

If you want to book at Lemon Tree Inn, here is their website http://www.lemontreeinn.com.ph/.
June 14, 2010


For some reason my blog template has changed. I'm using a software to design my template but some widgets that I add on my blog doesn't show using the templates I designed. So I'll use this black template from blogger for the mean time until I figure things out. I really don't know how to design a template manually, please bear with me. Thanks :)
June 12, 2010


Banchetto is an italian word that means "banquet" in english. In Emerald Ave. Ortigas Center, there's a feast every Saturday, a feast of food. It starts at 12am and ends by 12nn. It's kind of expensive feast though.

Vendors put up a series of tents that serves as their market stalls.

A lof of food choices.

Those are just a few of what to buy from Banchetto. Well I'm a pasta lover so whenever I'm at Banchetto I usually buy baked mac, lasagna or carbonara. And since I started to hang out again at Ortigas recently, I kept getting curious with the mango-chocolate crepe and different flavors of crepe that I've been seeing being bought by some people at the place. Finally I got to try the mango-chocolate crepe just this Saturday.

It looks like a pork or beef omelet for me. lol

But when I sliced it in the middle, the mango and chocolate oozed out, and it looked really YUMMY.

For me the mango-chocolate crepe tasted really good. I don't know with you guys, but you might want to try it.

Well if you're around the place on a Friday night or a Saturday morning, try going to Emerald Ave. and I'm sure you'll get a headache because of having a hard time thinking what to buy. But I'm sure you'll really feel good once your tummy is full. :)

June 8, 2010

iPhone 4

Wow! Now Steve Jobs has announced the new iPhone at the WWDC 2010, the iPhone 4! It has the new iOS 4 that combines iPhone and iPad. And i'ts 4G. It has new extra high-resolution screen called Retina display. Casing is covered by an engineered glass. It also has a 5mp camera, a led flash (Finally, apple decided to have their phone have a flash, though it's not xenon), and a secondary camera for video call (But this function works for WiFi connection only).

Photo from GSMArena.

I know that this new iPhone is way way better than the previous ones. But if I'm going to buy a new phone, I will still probably choose the N8 than this. For full specs, visit http://www.gsmarena.com/.

June 7, 2010

Nokia N8

I have been a fan of NOKIA since they released 3210. That was my 1st Nokia GSM phone. Since then, I have been wanting to get all the phones that they release in the market (lol). As of now, my latest Nokia Phone is the N82, I know they already have an 8mp camera phone but my N82 has a xenon flash compared to their 8mp camphone that has only LED flash. I love my N82 and I told myself that I will be contented with it. Not until I've heard N8! So when I knew that Nokia will be releasing a new phone by Q3 of 2010, I checked it on gsm arena right away. Found out that N8 has 12mp camera and a xenon flash, I know I'm going to love that phone. Though it's not 4G yet, I know this new phone will hit the Philippine market once it's launched. I hope that once N8 is released in the Philippines, I have enough money to buy it.

Photo from GSMArena.

It has an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 12mp carl zeiss optics camera with xenon flash, HDMI port, Dolby Digital via HDMI, 3G, WIFI, Symbian 3 OS and a lot more features.

Check http://www.gsmarena.com/ for full specs.

June 6, 2010

Nestle Creamery

When I was a kid, our family used to go to to Magnolia House in Aurora Blvd. Quezon City and have some ice cream. I also remember that we had our field trip there when I was in grade school. And after some time since Magnolia and Nestle merged, they called it Nestle Creamery (Though I believe the merger just ended recently). Last year, me and my officemates decided to visit Nestle Creamery since it was just nearby our workplace. I ordered the "classic banana split" and as I can recall, banana split was my fave when I was a kid... Ice cream, whipped cream, sliced banana, nuts, and a cherry on top. YUMYUM! :)

My officemates and my boss tried their ice cream-cake, and it's heaven. Sweet! :D

UNFORTUNATELY, Nestle creamery was demolished few months ago and they are going to build a mall and a condominium in the area where it's located. But still hoping that after the mall rises, they'll have Nestle creamery in it. :P
June 4, 2010


Feb. 13, 2010, me and my officemates decided to eat out after our shift. Unfortunately I needed to pay my credit card and fortunately I remembered that day was my due date. And since it took me a while to get back to office to fetch them, and to make it up I said it's going to be my treat! lol So went to the mall and saw BURGOO. I haven't tried eating at Burgoo until that day. We tried Chicken Diane (Tender and juicy grilled chicken fillet served with garlic spaghetti on a pool of creamy Diane sauce)

Chicken Diane is really their best seller! It's quite expensive but it's worth it.

We also tried their pizza sampler, a combination of four different pizza flavors of your choice. So we picked Pepperoni (Traditional pepperoni with green onions), Garden fresh (Fresh spinach, green peas, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, black olives, and mushrooms), Supreme (Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers and onions), and Taco mexicano(Lots of beef, cheddar, sausage, mozarella, and tomatoes on top of taco meat sauce).

The pizza was also great! I'm not really into leafy stuff but the garden fresh flavor is really good!

When it comes to pizza and pasta I really like Italian style than American. But Burgoo didn't disappoint me unlike other American pizza pasta resto. It's kind of pricey but it will give you satisfcation with your cravings for pizzas and pastas.


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