March 21, 2011


I was never a fan of carnival or theme parks but I decided to join my workmates on their trip to Enchanted Kingdom. I'm really scared of those roller coaster loops, had a phobia with their haunted house booths, and I thought I'm not going to have fun at Enchanted Kingdom. But I surely DID! :P

Funny the first booth we tried was the 4D theater and that time the featured film was Dora the explorer! Haha I know but we just enjoyed it like those kids who were with us in the room.

And after that they started to talk about going to Space shuttle! And I freezed for a bit because it's the most frightening ride for me... I was thinking of not joining them but I'm scared that they might tease me... In my mind I was thinking of what should I do to prevent them from going to that ride... but then when we were approaching space shuttle and all of them just went straight to it, I just started to pray. lol SURPRISINGLY after the ride and eventhough I felt a bit dizzy I shouted and I said I LOVED IT! haha Crazy but I did enjoy it although I was trembling because it was too intense but I really did enjoy it and after that I starved! lol My energy got drained by space shuttle!

After that we ate, had lunch and just strolled through the park. Went to some souvenir shops.
I already got tired because of space shuttle and it was only my 2nd ride that day. Then some of them tried anchors away and that one I really refused, I heard a lot of negative feedbacks about that ride. Then after we went to Rio Grande Rapids. I enjoyed rio grande rapids but I got wet! There was this part where we needed to pass through a waterfalls and I was even telling the girl in front of me that she will get wet due to that falls but then that large life-saver-like thing spinned and I'm the one who got hit by that waterfalls. Grrrr

Eventhough I was only able to try 3 attractions I really had fun. I hope I will be able to go back but I'm not sure if I will do space shuttle again. haha I know I said I loved it, but I guess that was due to the feeling of relief after that extreme roller coaster ride. I really liked rio grande rapids, but I need to bring couple of pair of clothes if I will keep on riding that thing again and again.



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