August 14, 2010

Racks rock!!!

Since I was a kid I have been seeing Racks and been curious about what they serve. Of course when you're a kid, a Jollibee or McDonald's treat will be very satisfying although I know my family could have dined in to Racks but I think that is because my Dad is not really into Racks kind of restaurant. And since I have been exploring the metro for food adventure, I was able to try Racks finally lol. So for my 1st time I was with my friend, we went to Racks Greenhills and he tried baby back ribs and lamey me I only had their spaghetti and chicken (Exploring huh?) but their spaghetti is YUMYUM, a mix of american and italian style! On my 2nd, it was my birthday celebration and I was with my other friends and we went to Racks El Pueblo and this time we tried their Family Chicken Platter, well it sounds just a normal meal but this time we had our chicken roasted and it's really delicious and it came with baked beans and coleslaw. Baked beans became my instant fave, a bit spicy and I love it. Aside from their great food, ambience is nice, kind of dimmed because of the yellow ligthing but bright enough to eat, cozy tables and seats too. Racks is definitely a recommended place for family or friends to dine together.

And by the way, according to my friend and what I've been hearing, they really have the best ribs in town! ;)
Next time. I'll definitely try it.


Nancy said...

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